June 1, 2017

Applecross Country Club Breaks New Ground

The ground-breaking ceremony was festive as Applecross Members enjoyed the beginning steps of the new and impressive Golf Clubhouse. Since the club’s opening a few years ago, a large and convenient temporary clubhouse has served the dining and entertainment needs of Members. The new Applecross Clubhouse facilities add a major touch to on an already exceptional venue of club facilities and amenities.

Member facilities at Applecross include the only Nicklaus Design® golf course in the Philadelphia area, an outdoor resort-style swimming pool, a year-round indoor pool, tennis courts, a 10,000 square foot fitness center. On the service side, the Club features a wide variety of group fitness and wellness classes, Spin Bike classes, private and group tennis lessons, state-of-the-art golf instruction center, exceptional junior golf programs, a host of club-sponsored tournaments and entertainment events, and a variety of Membership plans for every lifestyle and budget.


As many of us well know, the Philadelphia region showcases some of the finest country clubs in the U.S. What separates or distinguishes Applecross Country Club?  The club relishes it’s exceedingly progressive and innovative status.

To remain viable and relevant, the typical or standard strategic response of traditional clubs has been essentially a focus on implementing a family-friendly, more inclusive model, where the club revolves around the needs of all family Members, and not just those of one or two individuals.

A true and complete conversion or transition to the family-friendly model has been slow and tedious for a number of clubs, attributed largely to the dynamic that traditional clubs are encumbered by a tradition of exclusion and a natural resistance to change as Membership demographics evolve gradually. And too, from the financial side, the investment required to make the necessary structural changes to facilities and operations is substantial for clubs.

Applecross Country Club is in an enviable position. The club is not encumbered by tradition and resistance to change. It’s a new, modern, state-of-the-art club, with a charter and mission specifically designed to be diverse, inclusive, and family-oriented from its very beginning. All of the club’s exceptional facilities, operations, amenities, programs and professional management work in harmony to fit the needs of today’s family lifestyles.


Well in advance of groundbreaking, a considerable amount of time and effort in planning and designing the new clubhouse facilities to meet Member needs. Justin Meyers explains, “Our Membership is diverse, comprised of serious golfers, recreational golfers, family golfers, and non-golfers. We began the design process by identifying and analyzing the current and future needs of our diverse Membership. Once accomplished, our design team went to work.”

To pull the project together, Project Manager Chris Yates of Innovative Building & Remodeling was joined by Andrew Scheerer of Exton based Structural Design Associates and Mid Atlantic Timber Frame of Lancaster. “We went through a number of design iterations before achieving the desired character, operational flow, and overall feel we wanted to achieve. While our clubhouse design says it’s a serious club, it also clearly says it’s a fun place for all to enjoy. When completed, Members will be very proud and will have more fun and enjoyment than ever before with their fellow Members, as well as the entertainment of their guests,” said Chris.

For golfers, the new Golf Clubhouse provides an outstanding array of facilities and amenities on three convenient levels. All three levels work in great harmony to make the golf experience extraordinary before and after each and every round. The main level is the new spacious home of the Applecross Pro Shop, the heart and soul of the Golf Clubhouse, and Head Golf Professional Tommy Moore, PGA, and his professional staff. In addition to merchandising and servicing just about everything you need for your game, the pro shop’sperimeter features a deck for that all important panoramic, up-close view of the 18th and 19th holes. On the ground level, golfers are welcomed by the engaging comfort and leading-edge conveniences of the Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms. On the top, third level, resides the grandeur of The Eagle’s Nest. This adult only lounge features the services and amenities of a full service bar and bar menu, and a covered deck with a wonderful view of holes 18 and 19 (and peeks at a few others) and magnificent vistas of the rolling hills and charm of Chester County.


Applecross Country Club is in an enviable position. The club is not encumbered by tradition & resistance to change.  It’s a new, modern, state-of-the-art club, with a charter & mission specifically designed to be diverse, inclusive,  & family-oriented from its inception. All of the club’s exceptional facilities, operations, amenities, programs, & professional management work in harmony to fit the needs of today’s family lifestyles.


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