June 18, 2018

Talamore Golf Resort Adds GPS to Its Cart Fleets!

For the Pinehurst area, once again, Talamore storms to the head of the pack.

We are excited to announce the introduction of GPS tracking system to the New Course and King’s Course of the Talamore Golf Resort. This system includes a tablet like screen on every cart and a state of the art tracking system for our Pro Shop.

There are several amazing benefits to the new system…

GPS Yardages

Forgot your range finder? Can’t find the 150? No problem!!!

Hole by hole including critical distances to/over hazards. An image of the hole will appear on the screen with yardages to front, center and back of greens.

Pace of Play and Cart Messaging
The system tracks every cart and how its pace of play relates to the target time. Our pro shop staff, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE BEVERAGE CART will literally be able to see all the golf carts move around the course on a google earth style map. Carts that are on pace will show up in GREEN, Carts that are falling behind will appear in YELLOW and those off the desired pace will be highlighted in RED.

Our pro shop staff will be able to communicate directly with every cart, individually or collectively. Weather notifications or other important course updates are now a few keystrokes away. 

Geo Fencing

Ground under repair? Environmentally sensitive area? Cart Path Only? – No problem. The new system will allow the golf and maintenance staff to “Geo Fence” particular sensitive areas. Authorized Handicap Flag Carts will have their own Geo Fence zone. Geo Zones can be changed by Staff with relative ease so changing or special course conditions can easily be tailored to. Unlike some other GPS sysyems, ours does not shut the cart off or beep at you when you are off course, just a friendly message reminder.

Other Service Enhancements

There are a multitude of other ways the new GPS system will be used to improve our Guest’s experience. On your next trip to the Talamore Golf Resort you will experience a level of service that would otherwise simply not be possible without the new GPS system.



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